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Travelling to Japan - Part 0

My girlfriend and I went to Japan for 13 nights, from London Heathrow to Tokyo Haneda!

Queen's terminal photo

In the following blog posts (tagged "Japan") I will go over what airline we used, where we stayed, where we ate and drank and where we visited. I'm going to break it into a few parts so that I don't end up writing a small novel, and you guys have more enjoyable posts.

Here is how I'm planning to lay out the posts:

  • Part 1 - Where did we buy tickets, and who did we fly with? How was the flight?
  • Part 2 - Tokyo round 1, where we stayed, where we went and what we did.
  • Part 3 - Kyoto, where we stayed, where we went and what we did.
  • Part 4 - Tokyo round 2, where we stayed, where we went and what we did.

All of these holiday posts will have lots of pictures, lots of recommendations (of stuff we did, and wish we did!) and most of all: Reviews!

We went to loads of really nice and very cool places, not just cool restaurants like Tsuta the only Michelin star Ramen House in the world! But also small time establishments, like the bakery round down the road from Ryogoku station.

My aim to have these posts come out around twice a week, maybe slightly less often. I don't want to overload you all with Japan posts so I'll intersperse them with other things.

I'll be back soon with part 1, see you all soon!

Leon Hassan

Leon Hassan

SAP Applications consultant, specialising in UI5. Avid fan of Fantasy books and dedicated comic collector. All views are my own.

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Travelling to Japan - Part 0
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