What I want to see!

So I've read a lot of Deadpool over the years, mainly because he had an appearance in a Spiderman comic my dad got me, but then wouldn't let me get a Deadpool comic because "muhhh violence, muhhh bad language" etc. Sad times.

So as I grew into my own, I started to pick up some Deadpool greats such as Night of the Living Deadpool, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. It's all great!

They're gonna want to see what's next. They're gonna want to watch this world burn.

What I really like about the character is that most of the time, you can just pick up his comic and get stuck in, no matter what! Because that's the important thing about Deadpool, he doesn't always make sense from issue to issue, or even cover to cover sometimes. He is what he wants to be at the time, he's self-aware (which is awesome, see why in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (Amazon)). He likes to poke fun at what he is, what other superheroes/villains are. It's great because Deadpool can do literally whatever he wants.

However there is an issue with this being translated properly to a movie.. It can be kinda difficult to follow and understand. I'd really like to see Wade's memories/recollections shift and fracture throughout the film, until it's finally clear: This guys has absolutely no idea who or what he is. All we know is that he's got a messed up case of dermatitis and some kick-ass killin' skills.

As much as I would love to see Deadpool's pyschosis full realised on the silver screen, I don't hold out an awful lot of hope for it.. But there is still hope!

A review post will be up in the next few days!